Zoli Apartments Hajduszoboszlo

Accommodation Hajduszoboszlo 5 minutes walk from the Spa.
Hungary, Hajdúszoboszló,
Kölcsey utca, 34-36.
0036704261536 - HU-RO-EN
0040312263301 - HU-RO
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Covid news in connection with regulation

News Zoli apartments

Covid19 news

2021-04-13 - 18:56

Pursuant to Section 10 (1) of Decree No. 484/2020 (XI.10) of the Hungarian Government on the protection against the second wave of the coronavirus, it is not possible to stay in accommodation establishments in Hajdúszoboszló for tourism purposes. The accommodation is only for guests arriving for business, economic or educational activities.

Accordingly, we can only provide accommodation to you if you wish to stay for business, economic or educational purposes and after booking the following statement will be signed and scanned (or photographed clearly) sent to us.

If they come from abroad at the border crossing, the authorities may request this certificate:

Hungarospa news in connection with Covid19

2021-04-16 - 14:24

Pursuant to the latest Government Decree, the medical department of the Hajdúszoboszló spa complex will reopen from April 19, where treatments can be taken with a medical referral. The Spa pools are still closed.

Pursuant to Government Decree 484/2020 (XI.10.), the other spa units of Hungarospa (Aqua-Palace indoor Adventure Bath, Árpád Swimming Pool, Hungarospa Thermal Hotel, Thermal Camping) is still closed from 11 November 2020.

Zoli Apartments Hajduszoboszlo

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Aqua Palace Hajduszoboszlo
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