Zoli Apartments Hajduszoboszlo

Accommodation Hajduszoboszlo 5 minutes walk from the Spa.
Hungary, Hajdúszoboszló,
Kölcsey utca, 34-36.
0036704261536 - HU-RO-EN
0040312263301 - HU-RO
May 1 Offer
  • Zoli Apartmanok
  • Zoli Apartman
  • Vandor Apartman
  • Maja Apartman
  • Anna Apartman
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Special / Holiday Offers

May 1 2020 Offer
Zoli Apartments Hajduszoboszlo

May 1

(The prices depend on the number of nights!)
Period 30.04.2020 - 04.05.2020
Currency EUR / person / night
2 people 32
3 people 23
4 people 18,5
5 people 15,4
6 people 13,3
children 0-3 years old 0
children 3-12 years old 3
package Contents accommodation, parking in underground garage or enclosed courtyard, air-condition, wifi internet
Parking free
Tourist tax Tourist tax : 1.7 EUR / person (adult) / night. Is not included in the price.
Minimum 3 nights. The prices have been calculated at rate 1 EUR = 300 HUF and are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation.
The special offer is only valid during the period indicated in the table. Prices are subject to change if the period is longer or shorter than in the table above. All prices are in EURO and they refer to person / night. These prices exclude the tourism tax (IFA) which must be paid for adults and it is 500 HUF(approx. 1.7 EUR) per night.
Reduction for children:
0-3 years old stay free of charge and we can provide free baby cots, extra bed, high chair and baby bath tub with advance notice.
The discount of the normal bed’s price is also valid for children between 3-12.