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Programs Hajduszoboszlo 2023

Hajdúszoboszló is known as the Mecca for rheumatic people for many decades now.
In the last years the city has become a perfect choice not only for people who are looking for healing, but for those who want to relax, participate in cultural and gastronomic festivities as well, whether they are elderly or families with children. Hajdúszoboszló recognised the demand for colorful programme possibilities and thus the indoors aquapark, wellness and bath complex Aqua-Palace was built next to the thermal bath and the open-air spa. We can bravely say that it fulfills every demand, let it be sport activities, relaxing, children’s activities and many different festivities.

In addition to the “watery” experience, Hajdúszoboszló offers many unique programmes as well, in order to make your stay even more pleasurable and memorable. Therefore, year after year lots of gastronomic and cultural events are held in the city; you can find a list about most of them below:

The first gastronomic event of the year is the Pig Feast Days, which was held for the first time in 2014 and has become a tradition like many other Hajdúszoboszló festivals. The Pig Feast Days are designed to familiarize you with traditional pork flavors such as different sausages, sauerkraut with boiled pork, freshly made greaves, and so on. Along with the delicious meals, many kinds of pálinkas are offered as an accompaniment or as an "appetizer". Like other festivals, there is a wide range of programmes, performers and craft tents.

The second event on list is the traditional open-air spa opening ceremony, the Hungarosparty at the end of April/beginning of May. On this day, the open-air bath’s gates open for guests, and we can celebrate the start of the season in the evening party. Each year, organizers invite better and better entertainers, and a fashion show and a fireworks show also take place during the party.

The next very popular festival program is the Hajdúszoboszló Grill Food and Beer Festival, that attracts a lot of visitors year after year in every May thanks to the good weather. Barbecues are made on the open fire and you can taste delicious cold beers with it. During the three-day festivity, besides tasting the grilled dishes and beers, many performers, singers and dancers will improve the party atmosphere.

Among the summer programs, the most popular one is the Festive Bath. This is an unusual celebration where the water from the Mediterranean pool is drained to give a huge dance floor to those who want to dance to great music. This event is also closed by fireworks.

The next bigger gastronomic event in the region is Mutton and ‘Slambuc’ Cooking Day, which takes place in September each year. The aim of this programme is to introduce the Hungarian cuisine to the guests, including the unique food recipes of Hajdúszoboszló and its region, as well as the culture of open air cooking. The base of the traditional regional recipes is the caldron, in which we can make simple but very delicious dishes, mainly made of roasted pork with pasta or potatoes. That is called “slambuc”. The venue of the event is the Hajdúszoboszló airport, where the audience is entertained by many performers on a big stage.

The Hajdúszoboszló festival-season is closed by the very popular Organic Food and Wine Festival, which is held in mid-September each year and attracts many guests. The Hajdúszoboszló Organic Food and Wine Festival is a unique gastronomic event in Hungary, where you can try local specialties made from organic ingredients while tasting the wines of excellent Hungarian wineries. At the three-day event folk music and folk dance performances, light and classical concerts, performers and bio-life shows will entertain the public.

We hope you will find the best programmes for you in 2018! :) We wish you a great time!


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